Open Cafè: MoonWalk

Open Cafè Magenta 16.10.19

By Alice Fogarty

Our organizers could count on the help from our collaborators from the English Club, an association of Magenta, that between its many initiatives of cultural promotion, involves local citizens into conversational evenings led in English.

This time the topic regarded international events, such as the first step on the moon (Neil Armstrong, 1969) that can influence an entire generation and culture.

The guests were invited to watch a 15 minute documentary about the moon landing, followed by some pictures of the space station from where the shuttle departed; so many curiosities emerged from it, leaving everyone fascinated.

We then tested the participants through a quiz, in order to clarufy any doubts or answer eventual questions, beside also creating a free discussion on our opinions, impressions and so on.

How could we end such a pleasant time with the English Club without tea and some delicious treats? So good! Not only an occasion to stay with friends but to also learn and appreciate certain historical moments that shaped our perception of the world.