Open Cafè: “Money Money Money!”

Open Cafe Magenta 23.10.2019
By: Oscar Boldrini

This Week Open Cafe session, which is held every Wednesday at  9pm in Magenta, was a shared event with all partners in Europe and was dedicated to understand the self-management of young people and how prices are different from country to country.

We begun the event with a name game in order to break some ice with the newcomers.

After that Tiziano leader of the evening, distributed a piece of paper with written in some  common objects and asked to us to fill this paper with what prices we thought those could cost.

After a while he asked one by one to indicate the price written and the one that was nearest to the reality had a sweet reward.

After the dynamic, we focused on a simple question: Does Money means always happiness? Each participant put on the table his feeling and it was really interesting to see a discussion from people with different thought.

Prior to conclude we had the opportunity to eat and drink some snack together and say to each other see you next week!

Soooo… See you next Wednesday for a new and innovative Open Cafè!!