Open Cafe: Lockdown, KitchenUp!

Open Cafe Magenta 16.07.2020
By: Oscar Boldrini

This Week Open Cafe session, was an open air session dedicated to carve on food importance in cultures and on some issues related to wastes and junk food.

We started with a nice walk through Magenta city in order to reach Villa Naj Oleari’s Park, our beautifull location for the event.

Once arrived in the park, we welcomed our participants and started with a very nice opening activity in order to let them know each other better.

The Food Bingo was really nice especially beacause they started breaking some ice and warming up for the rest of the evening

The second part of the evening was devoted to understand the role of the food during the quarantine period, but with a really peculiar perspective: What would people have done, in relation to food, if Covid-19 Lockdown would have happened 80 years ago?

People in groups discussed about it and came out with some questions to be asked to their grandparents. It was really nice to see the surprise on their faces thinking about a thing so normal today like a fridge, not present 80 years ago!

The last activity, has been an “I agree, I disagree” approach with some tricky questions. Of course Italy is well known for food, and pizza is something really serious. What our participants though on putting pineapple on pizza??

A part of some jokes, that anyway led to some points to be highlighted, we focused also on food waste issues and junk food, creating a good debate!

See you next thursday for a new Open Cafe!