Open Cafè: “Le Vent Nous Portera”

Open Cafe Magenta 06.08.2020
By: Alice Fogarty

Hey everyone! This week’s Open Cafè was our last one before a little holiday break, so it had to be extra special! This is why we were kindly hosted by association “Casa delle Culture” in the beautiful Villa Colombo. Together, we created a particular type of event, that was focused on the emotions and impressions lived by all of us through this pandemic.

Starting off with the usual introduction to the evening, we moved to a very fun ice-breaker game, consisting in guessing one false thing among three about the other participants. It created the perfect environment for the second activity, a little more intense in terms of mental closeness. Describing the person in front of you in five points, after staring in their eyes for four whole minutes. 

We changed the classic “bottle game” with questions about the personal experience with Covid-19, unwrapping a red tire to connect each one of us. Lastly, an amazing and fun theatre session allowed us to explain what emerged from the previous activities through the magic of a stage.

An original and sort of warm event, thanks to everyone who joined! Definitely measures your ability to concentrate and deduce one’s energy.