The second training on cultural sensitivity, this time in Sweden

This training course was the second stage of the development of Open Cafe hosts. It took place between 2-5 December 2019 in Örkelljunga, Sweden and it was hosted by our partner – Mobilizing Expertise.

During this training course, participants got a chance to better understand what migrants/refugees worries are, and what kind of difficulties they are going through. This training helped them to be more prepared during the second phase of the Open Cafe, which focused on creating a space for active dialogue between participants. It is necessary, as the second stage focused on developing Open Cafe as a space for more in depth dialogue between migrants, refugees and the local community. Therefore, the training course participants needed to have a more in depth knowledge of a wider range of topics (both sensitive and casual) as well as different ways of commencing these discussions.

Pro IFALL shared their experience using methods such as drama, theater, photography and performing arts. This gave participants new ideas for their designs of the second stage of the Open Cafe activity.

The training helped participants to sensitise them on the different cultural ideologies that are within migrant and refugee communities and provided them with the tools to deliver the most effective Open Cafe’s. They appreciated the use of non- formal education to discuss about generalizations, prejudices, stereotypes and discrimination and how they relate with each other. This training course made them more aware of the situation between cultures and will increase sensitivity to how a single thought about another culture can lead to discrimination. Participants learnt forms of creative social inclusion methods.

Upon the participants return to their communities, they will begin to prepare the second stage of the Open Cafe activity. Since they already have experience running Open Cafe from the first stage, after the training course they will be able to lead more in depth discussions with Open Cafe participants.