Open Cafè: Game of Magenta

Open Cafè 06.06.219

By Tiziano Tomassini

The Open Cafè event of today was dedicated to the famous Italian “Battle of Magenta”, a very important step for reunification of Italian territory after the Austrian-Hungarian Empire domination in the North of Italy.

The Battle of Magenta was fought on 4 June 1859 during the Second Italian War of Independence, resulting in a French-Sardinian victory under Napoleon III against the Austrians under Marshal Ferencz Gyulai.

It took place near the town of Magenta in the Kingdom of Lombardy–Venetia, a crown land of the Austrian Empire, on 4 June 1859. Napoleon III’s army crossed the Ticino River and outflanked the Austrian right forcing the Austrian army under Gyulai to retreat. The confined nature of the country, a vast spread of orchards cut up by streams and irrigation canals, precluded elaborate manoeuvre. The Austrians turned every house into a miniature fortress. The brunt of the fighting was borne by 5,000 grenadiers of the French Imperial Guard, still mostly in their First Empire style of uniforms. The battle of Magenta was not a particularly large battle, but it was a decisive victory for the Franco-Sardinian alliance. Patrice de MacMahon was created Duc de Magenta for his role in this battle, and would later go on to serve as President of the French Third Republic.

Participants were divided in tables and each table had a specific exercise to be done.

We had maps to see the locations of the battle to know about history. Of course we also had the opportunity to discuss if it is possible to have freedom without having a fight with weapons.

We had very interesting debates and we hope that the participants not only had the opportunity to learn about the history of the city but as well could discuss if in the recent time we had a similar situations in the world.