Open Cafe: Freedom, The Wings of Liberty

Open Cafe Magenta 23.07.2020
By: Matteo Nardiello

This Week Open Cafe session, which is held every Wednesday at  9pm in Magenta, was dedicated to understand Freedom and the components that builds this concept.

A usual, we did our walk through the beauty of Magenta to reach Villa Naj Oleari.

Since this event have collected new participants among us, we decided to start with a name game the event, asking people to say their name and invent a gesture, repeating the gestures and name of all the people placed before them, poor the last one!!!

After that, in order to break some ice and introduce the topic, we provided the link of one of the most known speeches of “braveheart”, that was focused on Freedom

Starting with the core of our event, our facilitator provided a piece of paper in which was written one characteristic of the freedom. We asked people to meet each others and, without saying anything related to this characteristic, to let the others guess the word.

It was so nice seeing people laughing and having fun!

After this introductory activity, we grouped the participants in trios asking them to make a rank of the characteristics they represented in relation to freedom.

Once enounced they succeed with the task, we paired the trios, and asked them to repeat the task. Same in the third wave, but this time they ranked all the caractheristics, since they worked as an unique team.

It was interesting and at the same time constructive, all of them were putting their opinions and discussing openly.

The last activity of the evening has been super dynamic: one person, representing the democracy, had to capture all the rest of the participants.

This moment was really funny but at the same time made people think about this concept!

See you next Week!