Open Cafe: Who are you? The Prejudices in our mind

Open Cafe Magenta 10.09.2020
By: Oscar Boldrini

This Week Open Cafe session, which is held every Thursday at  9pm in Magenta, was dedicated to understand Prejudices and the components that builds this concept.

As usual, we did our walk through the beauty of Magenta to reach Villa Naj Oleari. In order to break some ice and introduce the topic, wit was provided the photo of a child, and it was asked to write down some characteristics of the young guy. Without saying anything else, the photo with the adjectives on it was left apart for a while.

After this brief introduction, the facilitator asked to the participants to close their eyes and to imagine to be in a park and started reading an history asking to imagine the characters of the story, in particular the park keeper, a couple, some young boys and a person in a rush to reach the jobplace. After that it was asked to the participants how they imagined those characters. Mostly everyone depicted the very same characteristics and this was the start of the discussion related to prejudices since they are driven by our society and family background.

The second esercise was really dynamic, each participant had a characteristics on the back, without knowing it. It was asked to the group to walk around and act as usually the society acts to the people with those characteristics. After that it was asked the feelings and how difficult it has been. It was really nice to see how people reacted!

Following that and to fix the concept, Oscar red a couple of sentences related to prejudices, starting a debate within the participants.

Prior to finish, it was asked to repeat the very first exercise, this time with a photo of Bill Gates. The fun fact was that the child in the photo was him and really noone repeated the adjective used to describe him!

Time to say see ya!

See you next Thursday for a new Open Cafe!