Open Café- Cyber bullying

Safety is our common responsibility.

Our recent Open café that took place on Wednesday 28th of October was not an exception to cancel or postpone due to the pandemic, we went online this time as well with the topic that becoming more and more common in our lives due to the evolution and integration of new technologies into our lives – Cyberbullying. It is symbolic that we eventually came up with this topic particularly to present on last days of October since October was announced as a Bullying Prevention Awareness month.

Our volunteer Ans from Pakistan hosted other two volunteer guests Lakshmi and Nasiiat (from Canary Islands and Kyrgyzstan respectively) with Questions and Answers format followed by blitz poll to guests related to them individually that was a good idea to warm such a serious, yet an important topic of discussion.

Host and guests identified the difference of bullying and cyberbullying and different types and forms of it that can happen. Some tips and suggestions were given on how to help people and how to prevent bullying online, whether there are laws victims of cyberbullying can rely on and how to look for a help if it happens to them.

Participants had a chance to play a Kahoot related to the statistics about bullying and guests highlighted the importance of raising this issue, because the statistics is not only about numbers but a real people who represent those numbers and fall victim to bullying or cyberbullying, and every and each of us can do is to learn more on this topic and share with each other so we ourselves or our closest ones don’t make that numbers too, make sure that we are as kind and polite online as we are in real life and make a positive and supportive environment for ourselves.