Open Cafè: Beyond Limits – A new Babel

Open Cafè Magenta 24.07.19

By Alice Fogarty

As many other occasions during the preparation of the Open Cafè, the work behind this event involved us so much before even putting it into action.                                                                                                    

Limits. A word with such varied meanings, transforming differently in the perception of every person.

The facilitators wanted to represent such variety through a set of games, representing some typology of limit.

Perceptions, Language, Emotions.. Each game targeted and led discussions on that. Everyone got the chance to express their opinion on what a limit can represent.

This activity gave the start for a reflection, led by groups divided into discussion through stand up meetings; we printed some questions to guide the conversations and be able to write down our thoughts, sharing them with others.

The final debriefing was really intense and emotional, each participants had a piece of a puzzle and a light. Expressing a final thought they recreated a big image of Babele Tower, simbolizing a new beginning for everyone.

It was definitely fun but intense on a personal level, as told by our guests and hosts. This inspired us for the next Open Cafes, we are waiting for you!