Open Café Rzeszow: Anthropocene

by Yaryna Kysil

On the Open Café in November before the winter break the topic and the plan of the session for all of the teams did Italian teamwho held Open Café in Magenta. The topic they chose was very interesting and unknown at  the beginning. It was called Anthroposcene, which means unformal geological era when the human started to make a huge impact (usually bad) on the nature, animals and the whole world in general, developing technologies, using more animal products, polluting the atmosphere etc. 

To begin with our host Yaryna started with asking people if they have any ideas what «Anthroposcene» means. Participants were quite confused and have some assumptions, but we just gave some tips and didn’t reavel the meaning on the topic. After that as usual we did icebreaker game on the beginning to make people more comfortable interacting with each other. In this game we chose one person who was the personification of the pollution. All of the rest of participants needed to find for themselves some natural elements they want to represent ( for example: tree, lake, grass, field etc.) So the «pollution» had to as much «natural elements» as possible while changing the sides of the room. It was very fun!

After that we moved back to the topic: we made 20-minutes movie time, by showing people some short films, which could help them to define for themselves what the Anthroposcene means and creative their own opinions about that. After gaining some knowledge about how changed the human impact on the planet during ages we had a small discussion where everyone could share their thoughts on what have they learnt and answered some questions prepared by the host, the one like «When do you think you Anthroposcene started?» Everybody for sure had different points on views which was very interesting and discovering.

Our last activity for the session was a guessing game. We dived all of the people into two groups. Then at each group we found an eager person to be a «guesser». So, the guesser had a sticker in the forehead with the word which is connected with environment,  climate change, nature, etc. This person needed to guess what is he or she by asking different questions the rest of the group. Once he or she guessed, then pick the person who might give the most tips and answers to find out the correct word. People really had fun, because some words like « leftovers» or «aerosol» were not so easy to guess. And imagine which was the hardest one: «human»! ☺