One road for all – Open Dialogue Cafe

As we previously announced, our weekly events continue online and considering of the International Day of persons with disabilities, the topic on Wednesday 2nd December was about accessibility for wheelchair-users.

We had a special guest, Gerasimos Fessian who is characterized by his intense activism for people with disabilities and his effort to integrate them into society. Also, he is the inspirer of the idea for the autonomous access of people with disabilities to the beaches and the creation of the innovative SEATRAC device.

Gerasimos talked about his personal experience as after a car accident his whole life changed. As a person with disabilities, he had to find other ways to do those daily tasks that we usually take for granted. Today he is autonomous and fights to have independence for everybody, also for those people who are not able to stand for it.

He shared with us all the difficulties that a person with a disability has and how society reacts to this problem, by even stigmatising people with special needs.

People like Gerasimos inspire us and make us believe in humanity and a better future. We all have to help and fight for an equal society, where each human right is protected.