Magenta: “Not only Halloween!”

By: Oscar Boldrini

Open Cafe Magenta 20.11.2019 

This Week Open Cafe session, which is held every Wednesday at 9pm in Magenta, was dedicated to understand the different festivities that are spreaded around the world in autumn.
We begun the event with “the pony”, very typical Scandinavian introductory game in order to break some ice with the newcomers.
It was nice to see how people had fun just singing a funny song with some weird movements!

After this introduction, the group was jointly reuned in a plenary and some videos and charts related to autumnal festival and festivities that are celebrated around the world.

After those presentations, some interactive games were presented. People among the tables went deep in some of the festivities such as Guy Folks or Black Friday. At the end of the evening, a quiz by means of Kahoot application was made and winners had the chance to get a sweet reward!

Prior to conclude it was done a final debriefing asking the feelings of the participants and they had the opportunity to eat and drink some snack together and say to each other see you next week!
Soooo… See you next Wednesday in Magenta for a new open café!!