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Open Cafe Rzeszów: Back to Reality

On Wednesday 16/06/2021 our Open Café took place at Kwadrat Kultury with the topic of Back to reality. This Open


Open Café Rzeszów: Distructive habbits

The Open Café session about “Addictions” as a main topic was held on July 14, 2021. The event has begun


Open Cafe Rzeszów: Access to Humanity

On Wednesday 07/07/2021 our Open Café took place at Kwadrat Kultury with the topic of Human rights. This Open Café


The evaluation meeting

The project evaluation meeting in Patras The last team meeting of the representatives of the project “Social Integration Through Informal


Open Café Rzeszów: Photography Ethics

The Open Cafe discussion about “Photography Ethics” took place on June 30,2021.   Photography plays an important role to show


Open Cafe Rzeszów kicks off with summer season of 2021

On Wednesday 23/06/2021 our Open Café took place at Kwadrat Kultury with the topic of Science. This Open Café has


The digital guide on how to run Open Cafe is out!

have you ever considered hosting an Open Cafe in your local community! If so, please check out our publication with


Open Dialogue Cafe – Experiencing the project through the team’s perspectives!

Open Dialogue Cafe is an Erasmus+ project which aims to achieve social integration through informal dialogue.   The goal is to


Open Dialogue Cafe – Project Management & Design Thinking

On Wednesday, April 21st, Open Dialogue Cafe concluded his journey with a workshop on Project Management & Design Thinking lead


Open Dialogue Cafe – A brief introduction to how funny you are

On the 20th of April, the international family of Open Dialogue Cafe met online with a hilarious facilitator, Carmine Rodi.


Open Dialogue Cafe – Foundations of Group Behaviour & Team Building

A new serie of 4 Workshops focusing on Interpersonal Relations started on Tuesday, April 13th. Yesterday, on Wednesday April 14th,


Open Dialogue Cafe – Quality Communication and Interpersonal Re(a)lations

We are extremely happy for the beggining of our new serie of workshops. Yesterday, Tuesday, April 13th, we started a


Open Dialogue Cafe – Best Tips about Personal Development

On Wednesday, March 31st we had our last workshop on Personal Development. We are very happy and grateful that we


Open Dialogue Cafe – Leading Myself in Challenging Times

‘Leading Myself in Challenging Times’ was the 8th webinar of the 9-week project on Personal Development organised by Open Dialogue


Online Open Cafe- Mafia Game

Our last Open Café was a great deal of fun. We played a fun game of “Mafia” or “Werewolf” as



“Be yourself, but always your better self.” – Karl G. Maeser  On the 7th online webinar of the 9-week project on Personal Development,


Open Dialogue Cafe – Worklife Balance

On Wednesday March 10th, we had our 6th workshop of the 9 Week Programme on Personal Development. This workshop was


Open Dialogue Cafe – Creative Thinking

“Creative thinking inspires ideas. Ideas inspire change.” – Barbara Januszkiewicz The 9-week project on Personal Development keeps on inspiring the Open Dialogue Café


Open Dialogue Cafe – Ready to speak

There are all kinds of situations where you are asked to reply to an unexpected question. How can you be


Open Dialogue Cafe – An introduction to Drama Therapy

The 9-week programme about Personal Development continues and on Wednesday, February 17th, Melina Georgoulis introduced the ODC community into the


Open Dialogue Cafe – Leadership

Yesterday, Wednesday, February 10th, we had our second workshop on Personal Development. This week’s topic was Leadership. What does it


Open Café – Sports

This Wednesday, 3 February 2021, Open Café started at the usual time, and a lot more people participants from different


Open Dialogue Cafe – Emotional Intelligence

On Wednesday, February 3rd  InterMediaKT launched its 9-week programme on Personal Development. This project aims at providing new skills and


From Delfi with love

An introspective Open Dialogue Cafe Open Dialogue Cafe by its nature always stimulates and promotes debate about various topics: the


Open Café – Culture

The last Wednesday we were 12 participants Special thanks to Faal Derneği✨ The topic for this meeting was based on Culture. We


Open Cafe in Sweden comes back in 2021

The first open cafe in 2021 was announced on the 13th January. On that day, we discussed about travelling and


Open Dialogue Cafe – Christmas Edition

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas is coming and thanks to yesterday’s Open Dialogue Cafe meeting we


Freedom of Expression – Open Dialogue Cafe

On the International Day of Human Rights, which was also the closing date of the 16-days activism of the UN


One road for all – Open Dialogue Cafe

As we previously announced, our weekly events continue online and considering of the International Day of persons with disabilities, the


Open Dialogue Cafe in Greece goes online!

Covid-19 drastically changed the nature of Open Dialogue Cafe, which used to be an occasion for its volunteers to meet


Open Café Rzeszów – Final Project “Open Quizz”

The previous and last Open Café of this year took place on 25th November 2020, hosted by Ans. It was


Open Café Rzeszów – “Attention Economy”

The previous Open Cafe that took place on 18th of November was dedicated to the topic of Attention Economy. The


Open Café Rzeszów – “Impact of Video Games in our life”

Our recent Open Café that took place on Wednesday 4th of November 2020 was about the “Impact of Video Games


Open Café- Cyber bullying

Safety is our common responsibility. Our recent Open café that took place on Wednesday 28th of October was not an


Open Café – Mental Health

“Mental health is just important as physical health.”This quote found on the Internet, inspired the volunteers for the topic of


Study visit in Italy – the last international meeting of the hosts.

Arma di Taggia, 03.10.2020-09.10.2020 by Oscar Boldrini In the framework of Social Integration Through Informal Dialogue, better know as Open


Open Cafe Rzeszow goes online – here is no certainty, only opportunity.

This quote from the world known movie “V for Vendetta” inspired INPRO volunteers for facilitate the first Open Café of


Open Dialogue Cafe in Patras reunited.

Hello everyone, it’s been such a long time !  After a long break due to Covid-19 we finally organised our


Open Cafe: “O te manget la minestra o te saltet de la finestra” you’ll better watch out!!

Open Cafe Magenta 17.09.2020By: Alice Fogarty This Week Open Cafe session, which is held every Thursday at  9pm in Magenta,


Open Cafe: Who are you? The Prejudices in our mind

Open Cafe Magenta 10.09.2020By: Oscar Boldrini This Week Open Cafe session, which is held every Thursday at  9pm in Magenta,


Open Cafè: Right to study Vs Right to be healthy

Open Cafe Magenta 03.09.2020By: Tiziano Tomassini The topic selected for this Open Cafè is very crucial in these days because


Open Café Rzeszow: Are we emotionally intelligent enough?

This week’s Open Café was organized in our favourite summer meeting point Kwadrat Kultury, on the bank of the Wisłok river. INPRO volunteer


Travelling and tourism

This week’s edition of Open Cafe in Rzeszów was special for diferent reasons. To start with, it was one of


Open Cafè: “Le Vent Nous Portera”

Open Cafe Magenta 06.08.2020By: Alice Fogarty Hey everyone! This week’s Open Cafè was our last one before a little holiday


Open Cafè: One Goal, No Limits: Inclusion For All!!

Open Cafe Magenta 30.07.2020By: Oscar Boldrini This Week Open Cafe event, was really peculiar and has been dedicated to understand


The cultural iceberg – a discussions about values in Rzeszów

Our last Open Café of July in Rzeszów featured a new presenter (Kinga, along with Miki) and yet another interesting


Open Cafe: Freedom, The Wings of Liberty

Open Cafe Magenta 23.07.2020By: Matteo Nardiello This Week Open Cafe session, which is held every Wednesday at  9pm in Magenta,


Do billionaires have a critical role to play in healing our world?

This week’s Open Café was yet another success of attendance on our summer location. More than 40 participants gathered at


Rzeszow: The ballot is stronger than the bullet

By Sinan Yeşil In this week’s Open Café, everything was aligned for perfection; the weather, theme and lots and lots


Open Cafe: Lockdown, KitchenUp!

Open Cafe Magenta 16.07.2020By: Oscar Boldrini This Week Open Cafe session, was an open air session dedicated to carve on


Open Cafe’ Walk: Sport and Wellbeing

Open Cafè 09.07.2020 By: Oscar Boldrini Welcome back to our new format of Open Cafè post Covid! This week we


Open Cafè in Magenta restarts the meetings after lockdown!

Open Cafe Magenta 02.07.2020 By: Oscar Boldrini Finally, we are back!! This is the motto of the evening! Our participants


Open Cafe in Rzeszow is back with summer edition!

Open Cafe enthusiasts met again in a new surroundings in Rzeszow. Kwadrat Kultury (Square of Culture), a new social open


Open Dialogue Cafe-Quarantine Edition

After a long time without our weekly event, due to the pandemic and the restrictions, we came back online! On


In Sweden about stereotypes

On the 12th March 2020, we had an Open Café in Sweden about stereotypes. We wanted to introduce the topic


In Sweden: On your marks, get set… Draw!

On the 5th March 2020, we organized a Pictionary at the Rönnen accommodation in Sweden. We divided people in two


“Time to show your actor’s skills to the world” day

On the 27th February 2020, some residents from Rönnen International Accommodation joined our werewolf day. Most of them already knew


Photography – Open Dialogue Cafe

On Wednesday February,19th we talked about Photography.  Nowadays, we all take photos and photography has become a part of our


Let’s talk about music!

The first open café that was launched at the Rönnen residence in Malmö on the 20th February 2020 was about


Open Cafè: Scotland Response to Brexit

Open Cafè Magenta 19.02.2020 By: Tiziano Tomassini We had already planned to have a Scottish evening this month, and because


Travelling – Open Dialogue Cafe

So, this week the topic was Travelling.  We decided to talk about this topic as everyone wants a break from


Open Cafe: Active Citizenship pt. 2

Open Cafe Magenta 12.02.2020 By: Oscar Boldrini This Week Open Cafe session, which is held every Wednesday at  9pm in


Movie Night – Open Dialogue Cafe

This week we decided to do something different at Open Dialogue Cafe. So, we had a Movie Night! We watched


“Natural elements 4+1”

Open Cafe Magenta 07.02.2020 By: Oscar Boldrini This Week Open Cafe session, which is held every Wednesday at  9pm in


“Active Citizenship – pt.1”

Open Cafe Magenta 22.01.2020 By: Oscar Boldrini This Week Open Cafe session, which is held every Wednesday at  9pm in


Movie Night – Integration elements

Open Cafe Magenta 29.01.2020 By: Oscar Boldrini This Week Open Cafè session, which is held every Wednesday at  9pm in


The art of speech making – Open Dialogue Cafe

Another interactive Open Dialogue Cafe took place on January 29th 2020. This time we had with us Panos Korelis, a


Personal Development – Open Dialogue Cafe

One more Open Dialogue Cafe at its best! Another interesting topic! This Wednesday our guest was Antonela Kotsoni (Trainer and


Circular Economy – Open Dialogue Cafe

Vacations are over and we are back with more energy and passion for our weekly event. Hope you all have


“The secret Life of English Words”

Open Cafe Magenta 15.01.2020 Happy new year guys! we are back with the first Open Cafe of the year! This


“The Magic and Mistery of Ireland!”

Open Cafe Magenta 18.12.2019 Hey guys! to finish the year, here in Magenta like every Wednesday at  9pm we had


Personal Branding – Open Dialogue Cafe

The last Open Dialogue Cafe of the year with lots of surprises and smiles! We ended this year by playing


Open Cafe: NGOs and Entrepreneurial Learning tips

Open Cafè: 18.12.2019 By Tiziano Tomassini This Week Open Cafe session, which is held every Wednesday at  9pm in Magenta,


Make your own brand – Open Dialogue Cafe

Here we are again. After our training in Sweden we came back with more energy and ideas for Open Cafe


Magenta: “Let’s Race!”

Open Cafe Magenta 11.12.2019 By: Oscar Boldrini This Week Open Cafe session, which is held every Wednesday at  9pm in


Coordinators met again in December in Magenta

The second team meeting was held in Magenta, Italy between 7 – 8 December 2019. The purpose of the meeting


The second training on cultural sensitivity, this time in Sweden

This training course was the second stage of the development of Open Cafe hosts. It took place between 2-5 December


Public speaking – Open Dialogue Cafe at its best!

An interesting and interactive Open Dialogue Cafe.  So, this time the topic was Public Speaking. There were lots of secrets,


Open Café Rzeszow: Anthropocene

by Yaryna Kysil On the Open Café in November before the winter break the topic and the plan of the


Magenta: “Anthropocene – We have only this one”

Open Cafe Magenta 27.11.2019 By: Matteo Nardiello We begun the event with the game “The sparrow hawk”- participants wearing post


Culture Cafe – Anthropocene/Förorening

On the 26/11/19 Mobilizing expertise was a part of another joint Kulture Cafe topic, this time it was Anthropocene (Pollution/Förorening).


Rzeszow: What personality type are you?

by Yarina Kysin On the 20th of November, Open Café was done by another “quest host” – someone who doesn’t


Magenta: “Not only Halloween!”

By: Oscar Boldrini Open Cafe Magenta 20.11.2019  This Week Open Cafe session, which is held every Wednesday at 9pm in


Talking about fears – Open Dialogue Cafe moments

Talking about fears – Open Dialogue Cafe moments Open Dialogue Cafe has become a part of our life. Each week


Open Cafe – Animals

This weeks Open Cafe was a lot more haphazardly put together, since the week was full of exams for School


Rzeszow: Why to work together?

by Michal Fornal Making the Open Cafe possible requires cooperation and effort. That is why I made this Open Cafe


Open Cafe Magenta: “Breaking Walls!”

Open Cafe Magenta 13.11.2019 By: Oscar Boldrini This Week Open Cafe session, which is held every Wednesday at 9pm in


Virtual Reality and social implications

On November 13th, we tried through an interactive lab to discover the world of Virtual Reality. We discussed the implications of


Open Cafe – Hobbies

This week MExpert held an Open Cafe at Utbildningscentrum in Örkelljunga, the topic of this week was hobbies, and what


Rzeszow: The Art of Confusion

by Duong Nguyen Manh Thai With such a globalized environment that we are living in nowadays, there are a lot


Magenta: “Proud to be Proud” (Gender vs Gender pt.2)

Open Cafe Magenta 06.11.2019 By: Sara Rondena This Week Open Cafe session, which is held every Wednesday at  9pm in


V for Volunteering

V for Volunteering New Place, New Beginning for Open Dialogue Café. On Wednesday November 6th, Open Dialogue Café took place


Open Cafe – Personal Finance

Personal Finance: The personal finance topic was an in depth topic that included a lesson plan, all of the countries


Open Cafè: My Pride, Your Pride

Open Cafè: 06.11.2019 By: Oscar Boldrini This Week Open Cafe session, which is held every Wednesday at  9pm in Magenta,


Having fun and making memories

Having fun while making memories By Yaryna Kysil  This week Open Café Rzeszów became  just a place for having a


“Hate speech vs Freedom of Speech”

Open Cafe Magenta 30.10.2019 By: Oscar Boldrini This Week Open Cafe session, which is held every Wednesday at  9pm in


Open Cafe- Cultural Shocks

Mobilizing Experts held another kultural cafe in Sweden, but this time the focus was Cultural shocks, and arriving in Sweden,