“Natural elements 4+1”

Open Cafe Magenta 07.02.2020
By: Oscar Boldrini

This Week Open Cafe session, which is held every Wednesday at  9pm in Magenta, was dedicated to pollution and natural elements.

We begun the event with “I’m unique because”, getting to know each other game in order to break some ice with the newcomers and start to approach them.

It was nice to see how people reacted when they discover that also others have the same characteristics!

After this introduction, to ach person we provided some chemical formulas and names of typical pollution elements. They walked around to find he right combination hold by another person. This fun game was kind of a mess for people that were not use with chemistry!

After this game, we split the audience in two groups each of them with the same task: connect events related to environmental disasters/achievements and the year in which they happened.

We finished the evining with a guided discussion on environmental issues.

Prior to conclude it was done a final debriefing asking the feelings of the participants and what they do in their normal lifes to be green!

Soooo… See you next Wednesday for a new and innovative Open Cafè!!