Musician is not a Job

19 June, 2019
Magenta, Italy

During this evening we talked about the theme of music because Magenta is considered the city of music. In fact, in Magenta there is a musical high school which, however, experiences difficult moments since it is impossible to find a minimum number of students in order to start a class.

The open cafe started with the vision of two videos; the first was a brief interview with a professional musician who told of the difficulties of undertaking this career and how these efforts are not recognized by the people.

The second video was taken from an episode of “The voice Italy” where an alleged talent was judged and derided after a performance.

The videos have shown how music has become more and more a show devoid of values and quality but more and more towards a populist and ruthless drift.

The participants of the Open Cafè were then divided into groups and spoke of 4 different themes.
– Situation of the musician in Italy and abroad.
– Situation of teaching music in schools.
– Copyright situation
– Current features to be a professional musician

The discussion was very constructive and all the tables discussed how to enhance the figure of the musician in Italy; all this because music is part of our artistic and cultural heritage and it would be a shame to leave this pillar of Italy moving towards an ever more distant drift.