Rzeszow: It’s (not) all about money!

Open Cafe Rzeszów 23.10.2019


Do you manage your money well? Do you prefer paying with a card or cash? This week was all about money!

To start the evening, we played a short get to know each other activity called Human Bingo. Every participant got one card each and they had to find someone who fit each description.

Divided into small groups, participants had to compare the prices of different objects in their countries. It was interesting for us to learn that for example, toilet paper in not really necessary in Egypt. Most people use water hoses. Also buying furniture and electronics is much cheaper in Poland than in Ukraine. And finally if you want to buy cheap fuel for your car, Kazakhstan is the place to go.

After the break we had a short energizer. This time Anula helped us out. In this game, boys and girls were assigned a value. Anula would then call out a number and participants had to calculate how they would create a group.

To finish the evening, we had a discussion in the style of World Cafe. Participants were given several questions related to money and they were free to choose which topic they were interested in most.