King Michał Says Jump!

Open Cafe Rzeszow 16.10.2019
By: Michał Fornal 

The 16.10 Open Cafe meeting was incredible. It was led by the fantastic Michał, Supreme Leader of the Open Café. Everyone has lots of fun under His rule, happily participating in all activities and learning loads of valuable information from His wise teachings. It was truly a day to behold. Long live the Supreme Leader Michał.

In all honesty though, the meeting was quite fun. It started with a slightly altered game of Simon says. Players were supposed to listen to the Supreme Leader’s commands, and the disobedient ones were sent to voluntary work basement, bringing chairs to the room. Everyone had fun, glory be to Open Café.

Second activity was a quiz about North Korea, but with a twist. Each team had to choose the way of answering based on popular forms of government – democracy, republic, communism, autocracy and oligarchy. Surprisingly, the largest amount of points was accumulated by the autocratic team, with democracy and communism ex aequo in the last place.

Afterwards we had a short break, and later an energizer from Yaryna. The players were supposed to make the “princess” (in this case Yaryna) laugh, after which they could become the new “princess”.

Last activity was a bit more serious. Participants had to, in groups, come up with solutions to the problem of violation of human rights in North Korean prisons. After that, they had to present their ideas on a “United Nations” meeting, in front of other groups, and discuss pros and cons of their ideas. We had some great input from a few people, who had encountered similar problems in their own countries. We realized through the discussion that no simple solution can be the answer, but there’s plenty of ways to help.