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The Young Effect Association is a Social Promotion Association established in 2009 with the aim of offering young people from Magenta area and the surrounding area, as well as the national territory in general, the opportunity to learn about European nations and other countries in the world through youth exchanges, meetings, events, international volunteer services and participation in European projects involving other nations. It is a non-partisan, independent and non-profit association.Through the proposed activities, the Association aims to promote the promotion of youth mobility in Europe and in the world, non-formal education and intercultural dialogue among young people and their inclusion in civil society regardless of their origin, level of education , beliefs, gender and religion.In addition to these issues, Young Effect aims to raise awareness among young people about the development of historical, cultural, environmental and economic resources of their territory through co-working activities, social entrepreneurship and active participation in decision-making processes in the local area.

Young Effect Association Open Café

Open Café purpose is to promote an open and inclusive society. This is a great opportunity for young people of Magenta – those born here as well as those who have moved to our city from other corners of the world – to meet and take the time to know each other.

With a warm cup of coffee or tea, you will learn about other cultures, share your experiences and be a part of intercultural workshops and activities. Open Café is an open space for you to gain knowledge and be aware of local and international issues of our society.

We’ll expect you (almost) every Wednesday at 21.00 in Biblioteca Oriana Fallaci of Magenta.

The event will be in English.

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