Hungary – Debrecen


Our association the so-called Centre Youth Association has been founded in 2001. It was established by enthusiastic young volunteers with the aim to support the Local Student Government as young adults, and to help the operation with professional, financial and juristical background.

Our mission is to support those youth between 10 and 30 regionally with sustainable projects to get new experiences and memories. We provide place and opportunities in youth volunteering and student government for develop themselves and their community on the way of cooperating and working with the values of trust and taking their own responsibility.

KÖZ-Pont - Open Café

Open Cafe is an interactive two-hour workshop taking place at the week days at 16-18. It is an opportunity for the local and international youth of Debrecen to meet and take the time to get to know each other. 

Each week until the begining of February the ESC volunteers and youth leaders of the association together will organize a new program with different  topics related to human rights and global-local issues, but also everyday issues such as cultural differences, hobbies, travel. The aim of this event is to create an open and safe community where everyone is welcomed, no matter where they come from. Each member of this community will learn about other cultures, and can see the world from another perspective.

Open Café is hosted in English by volunteers. Everyone is welcomed to join.  

On the week days between 16:00-18:00 at Malter and the Telekom KraftLab. Check out KOZ-Pont Facebook page for more details.

Place: Debrecen

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