How High is Your EQ?

Open Cafe Rzeszow 22.05.2019
By: Duong Nguyen

The world is constantly turning on its axis and the Moon is constantly circling the Earth. As for human beings, we resemble satellites that are constantly floating, revolving, and observing one another. Everything is changing in a way that sometimes can be unpredictable, like human emotions. So how much do you understand your own and others’ emotions? What would you do and how would you react if you had to think without being overwhelmed by emotions?

The topic for Open Café on the 22nd May was all about “Emotional Intelligence”. As we progressed throughout the session, we asked our participants to discuss how different situations could be handled in regards to their understanding of emotions. These could range from happiness, to sad sadness, or even anger. The aim of these activities, however, was to focus on how we can think rationally in situations where we normally let emotions take over.

So after asking participants to fill in a quiz related to their personal levels of emotional intelligence, they were presented three different scenarios in which the main characters were missing or learned key emotional intelligence skills. In groups, participants discussed the scenarios and brainstormed ways to improve them. Some of the skills and mindsets mentioned were “Self-awareness”, “Self-motivation”, “Self-regulation”, “Empathy”, and “Social skills.

To sum things up, these examples, even though they only revealed parts of a bigger picture, had shown the importance of emotional intelligence. We concluded that it is not simply a set of skills or something that can be taught, but it’s something that you have to experience in reality by stepping out of your comfort zones. Only by seeing life through a different lens, raising your awareness through other people perspectives, will you become more understanding towards emotions.