“Genders and Genders” pt.1

Open Cafe Magenta 02.10.2019
By: Oscar Boldrini

This Week Open Cafe session, which is held every Wednesday at  9pm in Magenta, was dedicated to genders.

We begun the event seeking words and definitions related to the “gender vocabulary”. In this way, participants could familiarize themselves with the definitions of some words that would be used during the event.

Following this small introductory session we asked the audience to join in a single thematic table, they red articles related to violence and discrimination of people with different sexual orientation.

Every 30 minutes, after an energizer, we changed article in the table. Discussions were devoted to seek targets and problems genders in the actual reality.

It was very interesting in the final debriefing to understand what sensations participants felt. Majority of them appreciated the open talk modality used during the evening and thanked for the opportunity!

In the next weeks we will go deep in the topic so don’t miss the chance to come and tell us your opinion!!

See you next Wednesday for a new and innovative Open Cafè!!