Impact in our lifes

Impact in our daily lives

On 18/08/2021 during this Open Cafe we talked about how we get influenced in our daily lives even without knowing it. The hosts of the session were Romain from France and Yaryna from Ukraine.

After introduction Yaryna started with an ice-breaking game with different examples and cases of an influence we could get on a daily basis. After saying each case by host, people who think that they would be influenced by this should raise their hands. For example: If there’s a promotion in the shop for your favourite yogurt “If you buy two, you’ll get third for free”, would you buy it? This activity unconsciously led them into the topic.

For the core activity Romain presented a workshop.The idea was to brainstorm about definitions and examples of the words “influence” and “manipulation”.Later on, once the definition was made, depending on your group you should try to find a good way and a bad way to influence or manipulate people. It helped people to discuss and learn more about these statements. To finish this workshop one participant from each group had to presented what they created together.

Usually after the workshop it is break time allowing participant and host to know each other and a small energiser, which was also connected with impact in our daily lives (participants needed to do the actions said by the host).

Then it was the moment for a group discussion, we started to ask if anyone knew some manipulation technique.Then we presented to the participants some famous examples of manipulation such as Milgram and Stanford experiments, influences of majority, colours, etc we also asked them if any of them dealt with manipulation and wanted to share it. That really engaged everyone more in the conversation. For the end we launched a debate : Is there really a difference between influence and manipulation ?