Do billionaires have a critical role to play in healing our world?

This week’s Open Café was yet another success of attendance on our summer location. More than 40 participants gathered at Kwadrat Kultury, on the bank of the Wisłok river, to discuss about some of the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals, reducing inequality and achieving no poverty around the world.

This Wednesday’s edition was one of the most international ever hosted, with participants from 4 different continents. Because of this diversity, the group had the chance to share and learn about the inequality gap between social classes in many different countries from their citizens, and to confront points of view on the possible solutions.

Our hosts, Sinan and Miki, conducted interactive activities and energizers to spice the evening up. In the first part, the group debated about wealth inequality with some data to relate to: Did you know that the 10 richest men on Earth are more wealthy than the whole Poland? This led to a discussion on whether higher taxes for top-tier incomes are a fair solution, specially amidst the Covid-19 strike. Do billionaires have a critical role to play in healing our world?

After the break, the second activity focused on the solutions to inequality by the participants ideas. Later on, The participants had to debate on the pros and cons of Universal Basic Income, and whether it would reduce inequality, and they proposed other measures such as free transportation or implementing a basic income exclusively for those in need.

Open Café will be back next Wednesday with yet another workshop on Human Rights at Kwadrat Kultury – don’t miss it, and bring your friends!