Culture Cafe – Anthropocene/Förorening

On the 26/11/19 Mobilizing expertise was a part of another joint Kulture Cafe topic, this time it was Anthropocene (Pollution/Förorening).

With the plan and materials provided by another participant in the project, ‘Mexpert’ provided the activity for 5 individuals who came and desired to participate, since it’s winter by the time all of the participants arrived it was already dark. 

There were multiple videos to be watched that provided information about humanity’s effect on the climate and environment, there were also games with provided materials that focused on the topic of ‘Anthropocene’, though the ice-breaker needed to be adapted due to the limited space available to where we were we managed a successful introduction to the session which everybody seemed to enjoy and brough everybody just a little closer together. At the end of the session there was a very meaningful letter that seemed to have been read by a native person. The letter contained deep feelings and ended the session with a heavy focus on thinking about the future and what has happened.

Overall the participants enjoyed the session and learned some new things, Mexpert looks forward to provide more and more activities and enjoyment to any who are interested in attending programs.