Open Cafe Magenta: “Breaking Walls!”

Open Cafe Magenta 13.11.2019
By: Oscar Boldrini

This Week Open Cafe session, which is held every Wednesday at 9pm in Magenta, was a shared event with all partners in Europe and was dedicated to understand the stereotypes around the world.
We begun the event with “the blanket”, name game in order to break some ice with the newcomers

It was nice to see how people reacted when they didn’t remember the name of someone else!

After this introduction, the group was divided in four subgroups, each of them representing a geographical area in the world and was asked to write down a list of stereotypes.

After a short presentation of those lists, the facilitator explained the Iceberg theory, explaining visible and invisible characteristics in a culture and gave a flipchart to the groups, in order to let them recreate the iceberg and position the elements they retrieved in the previous activity and new ones, according to the “level of the sea”, separation line between visible and invisible areas. Flipcharts were written in Italian, but presentations were performed in English!

Prior to conclude it was done a final debriefing asking the feelings of the participants and they had the opportunity to eat and drink some snack together and say to each other see you next week!

Soooo… See you next Wednesday for a new and innovative Open Cafè!!