Borders, No Limits

Open Café Magenta – 3.07.2019
By: Alice Fogarty

The topic chosen for the Open Café of the 3rd of July came in our minds after a long reflection on the recent events regarding immigration in Italy (and not only) and the politic, social and cultural response to this phenomenon. But the evening didn’t revolve only around those questions; we thought we could expand the concept of limits to many areas in people’s life: society, emotions, the mind, culture, politics, geography and many others: that’s how the structure of the event was finally built up. 

For the start, we showed a video made in stop motion by a group of students, showing many forms of lines, circles, figures forming and disappearing quickly in a continuous movement. This video was first of all aesthetically beautiful, and second of all helped introducing the evening’s theme.

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The first activity, which also functioned as an ice breaker, began with the distribution of various flags, one per participant. Then, the first person to start had to take a red ball of wool, say one true thing about themselves and one fact on the country they held in hand and throw the ball to another participant. When everyone was done, a big net was formed and was stick to the ground with the flags.

The game wanted to represent the variety of perception about limits, from the differences between countries to the self confidence required to open up in front of strangers.

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Sitting in tables, the groups had to fill a questionnaire, which asked what kind of limits were more important to them (and many other questions). This gave the opportunity to get into a real confrontation on personal view of limits; through discussion, everyone seemed comfortable sharing their opinion and listening to the others’ ideas.

When our usual cockcrow announced the end of the discussion session, we got to play a very fun, but at the same time, intense and challenging activity: a sculpture game. 

Firstly we were divided in pairs. One person was the sculptor, the other one the piece of clay. This game was meant to let explore our most intimate limits and underline how we underestimate the power of exiting them. A true example of really stepping out of the famous “comfort zone”. 

One of the participant had to assemble a huge statue using all the participants and below is the result 😊

The usual final confrontation helped everyone to express their thoughts on the event and the positive feedback it received delighted us. We all had fun and really engaged in such a delicate and interesting matter. 

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