Borderless Dialogue

Borderless Dialogue: Social Integration Through Non-formal Education

The “Borderless Dialogue” project is based on one of INPRO’s local initiatives called Open Cafe which was realized under the scope of the Open Rzeszow project in 2016 which was financed by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe. It was initially created in response to the increasing number of immigrants moving to Rzeszow, Poland to study or work.

The concept of Open Cafe was popularized in Sweden, Greece and Italy within the previous project “Social Intergation through Informal Dialogue” (2018-2021) and now the format spreads among partner organizations in Spain, Portugal and Hungary.  (2021-2022).

Open Cafe is an informal and comfortable space open for all. It is a space where people meet, break stereotypes about each other and debate different issues. They also learn how to actively listen, be respectful and express their opinions in a clear manner. The aim of this project is to create new cultural spaces in 3 cities in Portugal, Spain and Hungary for people to meet on equal terms, and where the rules of interaction are more flexible. This creates a mutual understanding between participants which can then filter into larger community-level interactions. In this manner, the project would help achieve more social cohesion and an easier way of living together in diversity.




The project number 2019-3-PL01-KA205-077512 is financed by Erasmus Plus within Strategic Partnerships Key Action.

02/2022 - Closing up

All good things come to an end. On February 26th and 27th we met for the last time in Debrecen, Hungary to finalize and evaluate our project. All-day discussions lead us to one conclusion – it was a real pleasure working in this team and the success of Open Cafe on local level is obvious.  We are certain that this is not the last project together.

Special thanks to the core team of the project: Beata from INPRO, Biborka from Koz-Pont, Albino from No Gordio and David from Dideas. You did great! 

Thank to all local and international partners that contributed to the implementation of the project. We will carry on spreading the concept of Open Cafe as a successful example of local communities’ integration. Stay tuned 🙂 

02/2022 - Sharing our success

Over 120 people from Hungary, Portugal, Poland, Spain and many others took part in our multipyer events that we organized throughout February 2022. We directly reached out to over 50 organizations and institutions which sent their representatives! 

We hosted 8 events in total: in Rzeszow, Krosno (Poland) by INPRO, in Debrecen by KOZ-PONT, in Paderes by No Gordio and in Castellon and Valencia by Dideas.

Our events were focused on networking and workshops on how to build local communities. The activity goal was to create a space for networking of regional NGOs working in the youth sector in every partner country. During the events each partner shared the results of the project “Borderless Dialogue”  by presenting the manual and  produced. videos as well as discuss what makes events like Open Café successful.   

01/2022 - The project results are out!

The outputs of this project are out and ready to be disseminated! We prepared for you a Digital Manual on How to organize Open Cafe events followed by a series of videos showing the benefits of such events from the perspective of participants (migrants and young people) the organizaton and the host! Take it and share it among your network, encourage everyone to get started with their own Open Cafe!

The results can be find here.

11/2021 - Open Cafe in Paredes, Debrecen and Castellon kicks off!

Here we go! Take a look at few pictures from the Open Cafe editions that has started for the first time in Debrecen (Hungary), Castellon (Spain) and Paredes (Portugal)! The events will continue regularly from now on till February, at least! Visit partners pages and learn more when and where the events take place.

 Meanwhile, we are working on the manual and video tutorials for you to get inspired and start hosting the events by yourself. Stay tuned! 

10/2021 - Training in Rzeszow

Between 4th and 8th of October 2021, the future facilitators of Open Cafe from Portugal, Spain, Hungary and Poland met in Rzeszow.  They came to learn more about the format of Open Cafe and non-formal education methods because they are going to start hosting the events in their communities.  We spent together 5 productive days working together on events programs, activities and topics and testing  our ideas. Some of the programs will be available in the manual! Our quests have also participated in one Open Cafe session in Rzeszów, getting inspired with new ideas and knowlage on how to organize the events. Thank you all for joining us! 

09/2021 - Midterm meeting in Paredes

On September 21st and 22nd, 2021 we meet again in our coordinators team for the second project partners meeting in Paredes, Portugal! Half way through the activities, lot of work still to be done! The meeting was about evaluation what we have achieved until now and how we can manage the project realization smoothly regardless difficult times. We spoke about how Open Cafe events has been doing on so far in our communities as well as we focused a lot on developing a workplan for producing the intelectual outputs. It was two, very intensive and productive days. 

Thank you Association No Gordio for hosting us in such a wanderful sourandings! 

07/2021 - Training Course in Valencia

From 19 to 23 July, the first training action of the KA2 Erasmus+ Borderless Dialogue Project. During the whole week, in the classrooms of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Valencia, we worked on how to improve the communication of the Open Café, setting up a dissemination plan and training the people who will be in charge of the promotion, development and execution of the 12 editions to be launched in each country as a result of this project.

During this training, theoretical knowledge on marketing was provided, tools such as Canva or for the elaboration of communication materials were studied in depth, and the most appropriate channels in each country to communicate and disseminate the value proposition of the Open Cafés were discussed.

The programme included different field visits and leisure activities, such as a guided tour around Valencia, with special emphasis on cultural centres and the artistic environment of the city, a visit to La Batisfera, a café that carries out a similar activity to the Open Café and a visit to the Consell Valencià de la Joventut, where we had the opportunity to meet the body in charge of being the voice of young people in Valencia.

It was a very profitable training where under the hot València sun in July we were able to acquire knowledge to make the project a success!

09/2020 - Online Kick-off meeting

We can’t always meet face to face but it is always nice to see our partners! On September 21st, together with Associação Nó GórdioDideas Desarrollo Personas, and KÖZ-Pont Ifjúsági Egyesület we started our two-year strategic partnership project within Erasmus Plus. Thanks to that, we will keep promoting the idea of Open Cafe as a method of social integration. During the meeting we discussed and planned the calendar for upcoming activities in the project, administraction, the budgeting and risk management aspects.