Magenta: “Anthropocene – We have only this one”

Open Cafe Magenta 27.11.2019
By: Matteo Nardiello

We begun the event with the game “The sparrow hawk”- participants wearing post its of natural elements (such as air, nature, tree, etc) were around the room, trying to escape from one person representing the pollution. Every time the pollution guy touched the person, it became a contaminating factor.

At this point we prepepared one flipchart with letters in a casual order and gave them a “table scattergories”.
After that, one volunteer, blinded with a scarf, pointed at the flipchart chosing the letter.

All the tables tried, in 1 minute, to complete all the categories of the chart provided with the chosen letter.
The game went ahead for 8 rounds with different letters.

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At the end of the exercise a plenary debriefing to understand feelings was done, It was super interesting to see the reaction in the participants!!