“Active Citizenship – pt.1”

Open Cafe Magenta 22.01.2020
By: Oscar Boldrini

This Week Open Cafe session, which is held every Wednesday at  9pm in Magenta, was dedicated to understand active citizenship and what young people can do for their city

We began the event with the name game “gestures and names” and with the energizer “the shock”, in order to break some ice with the newcomers and to step up the energy of the group.

Lot of smiles and fun around there!!

Once the energy was restored in our guests, our facilitator asked them to choose one area to be explored to seek some of the necessities, creating multiple thematic tables.

Using the world café approach, each youngster moved from table to table covering all the topics and starting defining the perimeter of needs to be further developed in another dedicated open café.

It has been really emotional to see so many youngsters committed!

Final debriefing, to show the results of the flipcharts was done by the “leaders” of the tables.

A super interesting final thought was focused on the fact that only changing little things you can change a “a lot”.

See you next Wednesday for another super Open Cafè with us!!