A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Open Cafe Rzeszow 26.06.2019
By: Duong Nguyen

It’s not hard to imagine the impact of the usage of photos nowadays in our ways of life. Over a century ago, photography was considered a luxury, but from the point of its conception to the present day, photography has evolved into something so much bigger than its original intended purpose. One of its most impactful branches is photojournalism. On the Open Café on 26th June, with participants from the Erasmus + project, “You(th) in Pictures”, we talked about the impact and influence photojournalism has in our everyday lives.

With a large group of almost 40 participants, we started the event with an outdoor activity in which everyone drew someone else’s facial features. This was not only for everyone to get familiar with each other, but also to show what features or details we notice the most when it comes to our photographic memories.

We then moved on to a deeper discussion by giving participants a set of pictures. The contexts, background stories, and origins of these photos were not revealed to them. As they observed the photos, they had to come up with the truth behind these them. These were taken from various trustworthy sources and all represented photojournalism as a method of not only story-telling but also conveying the truth about current or past events.

The set of photos contained pictures from an Olympic event, a birthday party at a refugee camp, the launch of a spacecraft, and were from various parts of the world, such as the United States, Iraq, Mexico, etc. Finally, participants were given a chance to tell the stories, either from their own knowledge of the event or by looking for clues and details in the pictures. As they were slowly revealed, we understood more the meaning of photojournalism and how it can make an impact on the way images capture the world around us.