Open Cafe

The project was created to promote dialogue as a tool for integration via social meetings called Open Cafe.
Express your thoughts. Discuss about different topics. Share your experiences.


Open Cafe is an open space for you to gain knowledge and be aware of local and international issues of our society. Entrance is totally free, just join us!​


With a cup of coffee or tea, you will have the opportunity to discuss about different topics, share your experiences and be a part of intercultural workshops and activities.


Open Cafe purpose is to promote an open and inclusive society. It is an opportunityto meet and take the time to know each other, discuss and practice their English.

Open Cafe Hosts


Organization: INPRO
City: Rzeszów
Where: Kwadrat Kultury, Rzeszow
When: every Wednesday at 18:00


Organization: Mobilizing Expertise
City: Malmo
Where: Ronnen
When: Onhold


Organization: InterMediaKT
City: Patra
Where: Onhold
When: Onhold


Organization: Young Effect
City: Magenta
Where: Casa Giacobbe
When: Onhold